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Vice Golf

Vice Tour Golf Balls

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Created with a meticulously designed 312 dimple pattern structure that works to enhance the aerodynamic performance of the ball during flight to give you an edge on the course.

The Vice Tour is a real all-rounder at a budget-friendly price. It is comparable to the Vice Pro and produces a great mix of distance and greenside control. Compared to the Vice Drive, it generates more backspin and allows slightly more control. Compared to the models in Pro lineup, the spin around the green will be slightly lower.

  • Increased compression to produce higher ball speeds
  • Reduced rigidity of the outer mantle results in softer feedback
  • Increased spin with wedges
  • Improved durability

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Box of One Dozen (12 balls)


Thrift Golf is not an authorised distributor of Vice Golf. We are simply huge fans of the brand.