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Greens Towel

The Convenient Towel - Microfibre Greens Towel

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  • MICROFIBRE GREENS TOWEL - Perfect size (16” x 16”) to keep in your back pocket or clip to your belt loop. Take with you to the Driving Range, Greens, and Tee Boxes. Keep clubs and Ball clean and dry for optimum results. Quick wipe equipment after a shot. Perfect for cleaning eye wear with no streaks and chemical free. "The Convenient Microfibre Golf Towel".
  • EASY-TO-USE CARABINER CLIP - Attaches to your belt loop or Golf Bag. Toss that outdated golf towel with a curtain ring clip and move up to a new Microfibre Greens Towel.
  • AMAZING CLEANING RESULTS - Super absorbent, lightweight microfibre with lint-free yarns that remove dirt, from golf grooves quickly. Durable, fabric that dries fast, and reduces odors found in cotton. Wash and reuse often.

The size of the towel is 40 cm x 40 cm.