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Vice Golf

Vice Pro Soft Golf Balls

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The new 3-Piece cast urethane Vice PRO SOFT comes with several visible and invisible changes and is designed for players with medium and lower swing speeds. Many amateur golfers upgrade their game to this cast urethane ball model and report on greater feel and better performance in their game.

Tested with a driver swinging at 93.8 mph, the new Vice PRO SOFT outpaces the comparable Titleist AVX by almost 1 mph, travels almost 7 yds longer carry (208.5 yds vs. 201.9 yds) and reaches a total distance of 233.8 yds compared to Titleist AVX´s 230.7 yds. Driver spin of Vice PRO SOFT at 2222.0 rpm slightly above Titleist AVX (2158.0 rpm) at a higher ball flight height (Vice PRO SOFT / Titleist AVX: 21.5 yds / 19.6 yds). (Detailed test results)

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Box of One Dozen (12 balls)


Thrift Golf is not an authorised distributor of Vice Golf. We are simply huge fans of the brand.